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special needs piano books

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Q: How does Occupational Octaves Piano work?

A: By translating traditional music notation into a colorful, unique, new and most importantly Special-Needs-User-Friendly language of music named…

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Lee Stockner’s Music Box Method™ is the language used in the 8-book Occupational Octaves Piano™ series, designed to enrich the lives of special learners through Music and Cognitive Gain!

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Mission Statement

To provide special educators, music educators, music therapists, occupational therapists and other properly trained individuals with the initiatives, training and tools necessary to teach students with Autism and other special needs to play the piano using Occupational Octaves Piano and to optimize each lesson to each student. We are trying to empower a new generation of Special Education Music and Special Needs Music Teachers. Certified instructors are expected to:

1. Teach students to play a mainstream collection of music written in an alternative language, Lee Stockner’s Music Box Method, in a manner that develops a cognitive gain through the Piano Circle of Cognitive Gain. The music featured is in the 8-book Special Needs Piano Book series, Occupational Octaves Piano™.
2. Develop the skills necessary to modify each Occupational Octaves Piano™ lesson to the special needs of each individual student.
3. Seek out and address any “targetable deficiencies,” whether mental, physical or emotional, that may be improved through a special needs piano lesson.
4. Strive to make an amazing learning environment filled with caring, empathy and patience while being void of distraction and unnecessary stimuli. This is the optimal environment for all Special Education Music scenarios.


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